Shelf Ready Packaging

Increasing requirements of the trade networks as related to minimization of costs for management of the range of goods and needs of the producers of the goods for optimization of costs relating to packaging, logistics, and promotion are efficiently met by the packaging solutions called shelf ready packaging (SRP).

When creating SRP, we take into account the requirements imposed on this packaging:

1. Easy identification of the goods:

  • clear graphic recognizability of the goods
  • clear information on brand/weight/size of the goods
  • bar codes on the outer surface of the package

2. Easy opening of the package:

  • instructions on how to open;
  • emphasizing of key peculiarities of the opening process;
  • marking of the SRP part to be removed;
  • safe opening;
  • optimum maximum weight of the packed item;

3. Easy placement on the shelf

  • placement on the shelf in one movement;
  • efficient use of the shelf space.

4. Easy purchase of the goods:

  • customers easily find the goods;
  • customers easily get the goods out of the package;
  • customers easily place the goods back into the package in case they changed their mind.

5. Easy package recycling:

  • the entire package is made from renewable material;
  • convenient processing after use.

We use 3D visualization when creating shelf-ready packaging, making it possible to settle all issues jointly with consumers prior to the stage of testing of the packaging solution prototype.

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