Fruits and vegetables

Basic principles for design of packaging solutions for fruits and vegetables. Practice of work with the customer
Experience in work with package for horticultural products determined 6 important rules for development of packaging solutions:

1. Overall dimensions of a package shall be divisible by the size of a standard pallet. A package with products shall fit a pallet leaving no free spaces and having no “overhangs”.

2. Package (for trays) must have fastening locks ensuring rigid row-by-row fixation of trays in a stack and preventing shift in a row. It allows to create a stable transport package and tightly fix it using protective corners made from corrugated board and polypropylene horizontal strapping. Such package will successfully withstand dynamic and static loads upon transportation.

3. The package shall ensure the products “breathe” and are ventilated. For that purpose, the structure must have ventilation holes and pockets for air blow ensuring heat exchange.

4. Package height shall ensure packing of products with a 3-5 cm height clearance.

5. Inner and outer layers of corrugated board shall be made from raw material with hydrophobic and moisture-resistant properties (cellulose or special chipboards are used for this purpose). Such design allows not only making the package water-proofed, thus preventing its strength reduction when stored in the conditions of high humidity and low temperatures, but also keeping the product fresh.

6. Package print design shall be colorful and genuine to distinguish the products in the outlets.

We use 3D visualization when creating packages for fruit and vegetables, making it possible to settle all issues jointly with consumers prior to the stage of testing of the packaging solution prototype.

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