Paper BOOM

SFT Group is an initiator of Paper BOOM, social, ecological and educating project for waste paper collection in schools.

Project goal is to draw youngsters’ attention towards the need to recycle natural resources; to distribute information on separate collection of waste and importance thereof; to engage children, teens and young people in separate waste collection while playing and competing.

Concept: Paper BOOM project continues throughout the academic year. Projects participants are awarded certificates of honor and prizes, certificates for environmental training games, interesting educational guided tours to the plants for waste paper collection and processing
Schools are provided with information and educational materials on waste paper processing and recycling.

Project geography: Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Petrozavodsk.

Project history:
Paper BOOM project was launched in 2010 in Saint Petersburg.
In 2015, the project successfully started in Moscow and Petrozavodsk.
Participants: schools, kindergartens, colleges, universities.
Number of educational institutions involved – about 600 (2015).

Paper BOOM project is supported by the following public institutions:

  • Moscow Department for Environmental Management and Protection,
  • State Environmental Budget-Funded Institution Mospriroda, Moscow Department of Education.
  • Project co-initiators:

    • UVI SPb (Russia) – the largest enterprise for collection of waste paper in Russia, a member of SFT Group.
    • UPM (Finland) – one of world leaders in the forestry industry, the largest processor of newspaper and magazine waste paper in the world