A wide variety of groceries requires different packaging solutions. Strength properties ensuring goods safety within the entire supply chain from the producer to the outlet is of key importance for “heavy groceries” segment (cereal, sugar, salt, flour, pasta). In case of tea, coffee and snack products, the package is also an element of goods promotion and, therefore, shelf-ready packaging is used.

Various packaging solutions are used for the groceries: package created on the basis of conventional 4-flap boxes and individual custom-designed solutions. Use of additional structural components (punching, tear strip) makes it possible to meet needs relating to handling of both logistic and marketing tasks. Bright print design of the package is an integral part of packaging solutions for the groceries, and it ensures efficient promotion in the outlets.

We use 3D visualization when creating packages for groceries, making it possible to settle all issues jointly with consumers prior to the stage of testing of the packaging solution prototype.

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