Molokovo Cardboard Printing Factory



Molokovo village, Moscow region, Russia


Consumer packaging


240 million packaging units / year


СМК ISO 9001:2008 (ГОСТ ISO 9001-2011),

CMБПП ГОСТ Р ИСО 22000-2007 (ISO 22000-2005)

Molokovo Cardboard Printing Factory is a highly equipped production enterprice working with all kinds of cardboard, paper and plastic and offering a wide range of printing capabilities and visual effects of packaging.

Packaging is produced of all types of coated board (made entirely of kraft as well as of recycled board layers). Also, the factory offers lined board (that consists of a two-layer corrugated board with adhered printed sheet of virgin or recycled board) and slim-laminated board (that consists of virgin and recycled boards adhered respectively to the front and internal surfaces of the packaging).

A wide color palette ranging from conventional process colors to the entire Pantone color spectrum composes an attractive graphic design. Up to 6-7 colors (6 conventional colors or 7 UV-setting colors) with waterborne or UV-varnish can be applied on a sheet in a single pass. In addition to a standard high-gloss or mat varnish, the board sheets can be finished with TWIN-varnish (imitation of a fine-grained or sandy plastic surface) or varnish with color toners creating a flickering effect. Moreover, the board itself can be laminated with a metallized film. Application of UV-colors on such metallized film creates visual effects of internal fusion that can not be reproduced on a conventional white board. The contents of packaging can be displayed through a small window of a clear protective film.

Molokovo Cardboard Printing Factory is a constant participant and a multiple winner of domestic and international industry awards for the best packaging.

Key historical dates and milestones:


Establishment of the factory


The first large-scale expansion of production capacity: two printing machines Planeta P44 the most developed in the world for that moment


New offset sheet printing machine КВА Rapida105U 5+L, die cutting press, machine for varnishing and hot foil stamping and folding-gluing line


New die cutting press BOBST EXPERTCUT 106LER, machine for shrink film packing, screen printing machine SAKURAI


Launching the first in Russia 7-color offset sheet printing machine КВА Rapida 105-7+L CX ALV2 450 UV


The factory joined SFT Group